Infrared hair straightener
C$ 199.00
C$ 199.00

More protection while styling

Our new hair straightener incorporates various features and the latest technologies to accomodate different hair textures and conditions to protect your hair.

Infrared technology
Ionic technology
Floating titanium plates
15 seconds heat up time
12 temperatures
2.6 metre cable

Fantastic Results

Straighten or curl your hair with the SilkyStraight Infrared hair straightener and get frizz-free, shiny hair. Perfect to create a sleek straight hairstyle, or go for bouncy curls.

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Curl your hair with the SilkyStraight Infrared hair straightener for frizz-free and shiny curls.
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Straighten your hair with the SilkyStraight Infrared hair straightener and get frizz-free, sleek and shiny hair.


  • What is Silk'n SilkyStraight?

    The Silk'n SilkyStraight is a hair straightener with floating titanium plates that uses infrared technology and releases negative ions for better protection of your hair, less frizz and reduced styling time.

  • How does infrared technology work?

    By using infrared technology the hair heats up from the inside while the titanium plates work on the outside of the hair. This ensures styling on lower temperatures and reduced styling time, minimizing hair damage.

  • How does negative ion technology work?

    The SilkyStraight releases negative ions to close the cuticles and help preserve the natural hair oils, keeping your moisture locked in. It makes sure you have more protection, shining results and less frizz. Ionic technology will significantly contribute to that static control that you were looking for.

  • What is the benefit of floating plates?

    The floating plates use springs to make them flexible and are able to be tilted in different directions. It will ensure that you able to straighten and curl your hair while maintaining the right tension between the plates needed for your desired hairstyle.

  • What is the benefit of titanium plates?

    Titanium plates ensures a fast heat up time and spreads the heat evenly across the plates so there is less damage to the hair. It is ideal for styling every single hair type like very thin, curly and even for very thick hair. With these type of plates your styling time is reduced and you have shiny, sleek results. Also because of the great ionic metal it means less frizz and flyaways.

  • How many temperatures does the SilkyStraight has?

    The SilkyStraight has 12 temperatures, starting at 240ºF (120ºC) and goes up to 450ºF (230ºC). Because of these many options, you are able to choose a temperature suitable for your hair type.

  • The Silk'n SilkyStraight has a memory function, what does this mean?

    A memory function will remember the last selected temperature.

  • The Silk'n SilkyStraight has a lock function, what does this mean?

    It will lock the selected settings so you don't have to worry about accidentally change these during styling.

  • How do I lock and unlock the lock function?

    Press the on/off button twice consecutively to lock and unlock your device.

  • Is there an automatic shut off?

    Yes, after 45 minutes.

  • How long is the cable?

    The cable is 8.53ft (2.6m) long. This allows more freedom of movement.

  • Is the hair straightener travel friendly?

    Yes, the SilkyStraight is ultra-lightweight and uses dual voltage for worldwide use.

  • Does the SilkyStraight come with any accessoires?

    Yes, there is a heat resistant travel pouch included that you can use to storage your hair straigthener but also use as a heat resistant mat during styling.


Product details

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    Infrared hair straightener
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  • Warranty
    1 year
  • Power supply
    Mains cord
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Weight
    1.38 kg
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