Privacy Policy does everything in its power to respect and protect the privacy of the data you provide to our website. Online users have concerns about the confidentiality and purpose of data collected by websites during visits and transactions. We appreciate these concerns and are committed to protecting your privacy.


Identifiable Data takes the responsibility of personal data collection very seriously. In no way, will we share or sell any identifiable information with companies or organizations that are not trusted partners of Silk’n for marketing, communication or commercial endeavors. This information can be defined as but is not limited to your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address that is collected on during registration or as part of a transaction. At any time, should Silk'n decide to share any form of data with third parties for commercial purposes, users will be notified and offered an opportunity to opt out and not have the Company share such information to third parties. This data is a crucial component of our operations, and in the event of a merger, sale or other corporate shuffling or legal matters, will be held with the same regard as other assets. Silk'n also does not communicate, market or advertise to or purposefully collect any identifiable information from children under the age of 13 on

Use of Information

We collect identifiable information online mainly to create a more relevant user experience. This includes the ability to offer you the services you have shown an interest to and to communicate other promotions or notifications, which may appeal to you based on your activity. A user’s mailing and e-mail address allows for Silk’n to convey services and product offered, or to inform about a product that has been ordered.

Silk'n partners with a range of vendors and Affiliates. In collaboration with these partners, we may choose to use information collected on to extend promotions to our users.

To execute important business functions, Silk'n uses a network of trusted and vetted vendors. To help our vendors perform to the standard requested by users, Silk'n shares data collected online but only to the extent that it enables the vendors to perform their agreed upon duties. Partners and vendors are explicitly required to use identifiable data solely for the purpose(s) for which it was intended and must protect its privacy. Silk'n also shares specific data with other relevant organizations to enhance or streamline operations and to protect our users and customers against all type of malfeasance.

In response to legal matters, including subpoenas, we will cooperate and provide personally identifiable online information. These legal demands are with respect to situations where we believe that this information is required to provide legal resolution or action against an individual or individuals who may be a danger to the public or our users and customers or to Silk'n property, products or services.

Data Collection

Silk'n asks for your information before collecting it. When you request a service, communicate about a job posting, or participate in a survey, contest or promotion, you will be prompted and notified that your data will be collected. The most common pieces of information asked of a customer to provide are name, mailing address and email address. We may ask for other information depending on the nature of what is being ordered or communicated.

Silk'n often employs “cookies” and other software or algorithms to gain information about your site visits or your e-mail communications. The collected data does is anonymous. These organizational tools reveal aspects of our online offering in which you showed an interest or interacted with. The goal is to use this information only to improve the user experience of our digital offering. The use of cookies helps strategize what services or promotions could appeal to you. While cookies offer a chance to improve our sites, and help create a more customized experience, you can block cookies via your browser or other software that is available for purchase. Keep in mind that doing so might impact the availability or functionality of portions of the site.

Google Analytics cookies is how we view and analyze data on website activities including, but not limited to bounce rate and daily unique views. The information is displayed only as numbers, meaning it cannot be correlated to a specific user. We use Google Analytics to measure the success of our website and page content, to deliver content that our users want.

Google Adwords: We invest in Google Adwords, which is the paid ad portion of search engines. Utilizing Google Adwords cookies allows us to see which pages are successfully attracting users. Therefore, we can maximize our investment in paid search and connect with relevant users. You can opt out of these ads at any time. Learn how here:

Implemented Security Measures

To protect our users, encryption software, firewalls and other security technologies are implemented. These measures protect your personal data and prevent theft or fraud or any form of misuse.