Infinity Fast

Ultrafast hair reduction with compact device
C$ 499.00
Infinity Fast
Infinity Fast
Infinity Fast
Infinity Fast
Infinity Fast
Infinity Fast
Infinity Fast
Infinity Fast
Infinity Fast
C$ 499.00

Flashes almost 2 times faster*

Permanently reduce unwanted hair more quickly with the Silk'n Infinity Fast. The innovative technology now offers even faster pulses of light, allowing you to enjoy long-lasting results in no time.

Ultra fast
<92%* hair reduction
600K light pulses
Patented Galvanic and Optical energy
Suitable for face
and body
2 Flashes per second

* On light skin with dark hair. Click here for more information about the clinical trial (2015) conducted by the Tennessee Clinical Research Center (Nashville, USA).


  • What is Silk’n Infinity Fast?

    Silk’n Infinity Fast is a light based hair removal device. It’s able to reduce unwanted hair on the body and face permanently with its eHPL™ technology. This is a new technology to remove unwanted hair and works with Galvanic and Optical Energy.

  • How does eHPL™ technology work?

    eHPL™ technology = Galvanic Energy + Optical Energy. These energies are emitted by the device simultaneously, but each has a distinct function. The Galvanic Energy opens the pores, ensuring that the Optical Energy has easy access to the hair follicles. The Optical Energy is absorbed by the hair shaft and provides permanent hair reduction, quickly and efficiently. After your treatment, take advantage of your skin's open pores by applying a nourishing body lotion that will absorb deeply, leaving you with beautifully smooth skin.

  • How do I activate eHPL™ technology?

    eHPL™ technology is emitted from the device in the form of a light pulse. This is achieved in a very special way: the energy is delivered through an electrode plate located near the treatment area at the rear of the device. To activate eHPL™ technology, all you have to do is lightly touch the electrode plate with your fingers and hold the device on the desired treatment area at the same time. Hold the device with one hand, with your fingers touching both the front (the light pulse button) and the back (the electrode plate). When you press the light pulse button, the pulses of eHPL™ technology (Galvanic and Optical Energy) are automatically emitted to the treatment surface (the glass pane) in order to remove hairs. You can also watch the video on the product page of this website to see the technology in action.

  • Is the Silk'n Infinity Fast suitable for everyone?

    The Silk'n Infinity Fast is suitable for both women and men. New about the Silk'n Infinity Fast system is that it is suitable for nearly all skin colors and almost all hair colors. For more details, please view the Hair and Skin Color chart on our website. You can also find this chart on each packaging. This device is not designed for everyone's condition, therefore please read the contraindications in the user manual in their entirety before starting treatments.

  • Is it effective on white, grey, red or blonde hairs?

    The Infinity Fast is most suitable for hair colors that contain melanin, to absorb the light energy. It is least suitable for very blond, red, grey, or white hairs.

  • Can I treat myself if I have suntanned skin or after exposure to the sun?

    The lowest energy level (1) is designed for safe use even aftersun exposure. If you use energy levels 2-5, avoid further exposure to the sun for 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after your treatment. This applies to all skin types, even those that don't seem to tan quickly. We don't advise it, but if you have to go out in the sun after a treatment, be sure to apply sunscreen SPF30 or higher to the treated area. Do this for 2 weeks after a treatment.

  • On which areas of the body can Silk'n Infinity Fast be used?

    In general, the Silk'n Infinity Fast can be used on the body and face, except for the eye area, nipples, and genitals. For all exceptions to the rule due to skin conditions and/or diseases, please read the manual carefully (can be found online and in the package of the product).

  • Is it safe?

    With Silk’n safety comes first. eHPL™ technology is able to achieve permanent hair reduction results at a fraction of the energy level used in professional light-based hair removal equipment. The low energy used in Silk’n hair removal devices reduces its potential to cause harm or complications, and contributes to your overall safety.

  • Does the treatment hurt?

    Most users report no pain at all or just feeling a slight sensation of warmth and tingling when a light pulse is emitted. Users with thicker and darker hairs may feel slightly more discomfort, but this discomfort subsides once the hair removal session is completed. For your convenience, this device has five energy levels that can be set according to sensitivity and tolerance. It is important that you don't treat the same area of skin more than once per hair removal session as this increases the likelihood of adverse effects. It is also recommended to do a spot test before you treat a specific part of your body, to find the energy level that i most comfortable for your skin.

  • What is the Skin Colour Sensor?

    This is a built-in safety sensor which stops the device from emitting a light pulse if your skin tone is too dark for treatment. The sensor ensures that your skin is being protected.

  • How long does a treatment take?

    The time can vary depending on the area of the body that is treated. Do you want to remove hair quickly? Silk’n Infinity Fast can produce individual light pulses at automatic intervals. This Gliding method is unique, ultra-fast and you can simply glide the device over your skin.

  • How often should I use it?

    Typical hair removal plan during a full hair growth cycle:

    Treatments 1-4 – plan two weeks apart
    Treatments 5-7 – plan four weeks apart
    Treatments 8 + – treat as needed, until desired results are achieved.

    Maintenance: from time to time some upkeep may be needed if growth is still visible.

  • Why doesn't the device emit a light pulse sometimes?

    To ensure accurate readings and proper functioning of the treatment window and skin color sensor, please make sure they are fully flush against the skin. If you do not see a pulse emitted, please also ensure you are not working under bright lights that may cast shadows on the treatment area, as this can interfere with the sensor's operation.
    Contact our Customer Care team if you continue to have concerns.

  • For how long should I continue treatment?

    A typical full hair growth cycle may take 18-24 months. During this time multiple sessions are required in order to achieve permanent hair reduction. The duration of hair removal sessions varies per person according to their body area, hair colour and how the device is used.

  • When can I expect results?

    Most users report a change in hair growth within 3 or 4 treatments. However, as with any light-based or laser hair removal device, results are not immediate. In fact, hair may sometimes appear to be growing back after a hair removal session, but typically after two weeks many of these hairs will simply fall out. Additionally, hair grows in three different stages and only hairs in an active growth stage will be affected. Thus, hairs that are not active cannot be targeted. This is one of the main reasons why multiple sessions are required to achieve the desired result.

  • Why does it work without cartridges?

    Silk'n Infinity Fast contains many light pulses - enough for many full-body treatments - no cartridges are needed. Therefore, they are not available. There is no need to ever purchase a refill, saving you even more money!

  • Can I shave between treatments?

    Yes. For better results and product experience it is recommended to shave before and between treatments. We do not recommend waxing, plucking or tweezing the hair out because the hair shaft will be removed and therefore cannot be treated.

  • I do not want to shave my face, what can I do?

    If you do not wish to shave your face, we suggest using a trimmer or small cosmetic scissors to clip the hair as close as possible to the surface of the skin.

  • Why is my hair growing, even though I treated it a week ago?

    It is quite common for hair to appear as if it is still growing up to two weeks after a hair removal session. This process is known as “ejection”, and after about two weeks you’ll see that these hairs simply fall out. Please note, do not pull out the treated hairs – just let them fall out naturally.
    It is also possible that some hairs, due to missed application or different stages of growth, were not affected by previous treatments. These hairs will be treated in follow-up sessions, hence the reason multiple hair removal sessions are required to achieve the best results.

  • At what age can it be used?

    The Silk'n Infinity Fast is recommended for use by adults. For adolescents, we advise starting treatment post-puberty and under adult supervision.

  • Am I allowed to use this device when I am pregnant or nursing?

    No, you are not allowed to use this device when your are pregnant or nursing.


Product details

  • Name
    Infinity Fast
  • Model
    IPL hair removal device
  • Colour
  • Warranty
    1 year
  • Power supply
    Mains cord
  • Available accessories
    Adapter with interchangeable plug, EU plug, UK plug
  • Weight
    2.5 kg
  • EAN
  • Product ID